Loyalist Flag Protests – Bill calls for change. Fly all EU Flags every day

It seems to me that there is much fear and loathing in Loyalist communities in the North. For Belfast, it is surprising that the parties in the City Hall did not predict the level of opposition to the flag vote. I know that the restricted flag flying is standard in many places including Stormont. But in East Belfast, for the non-native, the flag flying from lamp posts is a form of identity statement advertising a state of mental siege and inferiority against the feared nationalist tide.

Successive census provoke the image of demographic tsunami ready to swallow them up and force a change of regime. This is a scenario that has faded into the distance because of the FF/PD disasterous regime in Dublin and the EU stupid self-serving response to the collapse of capitalist banks with introduction of socialism for bankers.

I cannot ever envisage the disappearance of Stormont for Antrim, Down and North Armagh. Derry City and environs should be in the republic all the time.

So what to do? There is an obvious flag solution. All EU-27 Flags should be flown around the Belfast City hall throughout the year. The Union Flag could be put at the centre.

So I ask Belfast City Councillors to meet and carry this suggestion as an emergency motion.