Real Life

Dear Bill Tormey,
my name is Pamela Anderson and i live at the address of xx Ballygall crescent,

Finglas East, Dublin 11.  I am writing to you today about the litter problem
in my area which has been getting exceedingly worse over the last year or
so.  i have written to Dublin City Council about it now on 2 occasions, the
last being December.  however i am fed up to the back teeth with driving
home every day to the sight of litter on the road, in the curbside, being
blown into gardens and then never seeing it being cleaned up.  why is this?!
on a few occasions i have seen a road cleaning truck come up as far as the
roundabout on Glasanon road and then turn back.  why is it not doing the
areas of Ballygall Crescent and Ballygall Parade?  if the trucks cannot get
up and down the road due to parked cars why then do they not sweep the
rubbish out and then place into the truck?  the same issue of parked cars is
in other areas such as Drumcondra where i am originally from yet they don’t
suffer the same litter issue as here.
The reply i received last year from DCC was that they give the area a
thorough cleaning every 3 months, but i have not seen evidence of this and
even if this was true it is simply not enough as the area is becoming an
eyesore and i am increasingly becoming more and more ashamed of the area i
live in.  I don’t know what else i can do but email you to find out why this
area is so badly  neglected.  I see daily broken glass on the pathways
between the maisonettes which can be a serious issue to anyone that walks
there or children that play there.   Another aspect is the vermin that may
be attracted by the litter.  I have in the past seen rats on the green area
between ballygall parade and glasanon road.
Also twice in the last few months my window has been broken and while i gave
a name and a witness name to the guards in Finglas garda station i have
heard nothing back even though i have tried to contact the guard i reported
it to.

I hope emailing you can help me with the issues i mention above particularly
with the litter problem in the area.