Letter to Irish Times on Education Myopia by University Presidents


The five regions of cluster colleges proposed by the university presidents in the Republic show a disappointing degree of insularity in relation to the island as a whole. I am very disappointed that the University of Ulster campuses at Magee in Derry city and Coleraine are ignored in the suggested linkages in the Northwest. Letterkenny and Sligo are shunted south instead of northeast – shameful ! Galway colleges should be tied to Shannon area colleges through the M18. Derry/Coleraine needs a Graduate Entry Medical School and has a fine record in Biomedical Sciences and psychology. The Department of Education should take note of this academic blindness by the establishment. Derry ( Londonderry) and the Northwest of Ireland must no longer be ignored. The area should be discussed in detail at cross border education meetings. UCAS and the CAO should co-operate on college entry rules to limit the feeling of discrimination against northern students in the south that is perceived by people in Derry.


Professor Bill Tormey 167 Glasnevin Avenue, Dublin 11 and University of Ulster at Coleraine.