Tormey on the Late Late Show in 2002

This is a small sample on correspondence and phone calls I received on the Walsh/Stephen Roche scenario. This letter is not anonymous so I respect the privacy of the sender.

Dear Bill

I’m wondering, in light of your infamous performance on the Late Late show in 2002 and the week that’s in it, do you remain steadfast in your opinion?

What of the man who went to the same school as you, believe it or not!, David Walsh, and what he has uncovered?

Everything Walsh said that night was ahead of its time. It’s only now we can see that for fact.

Dear Iain,

I read David Walsh’s comments relating to myself in his recent book. Some are inaccurate. However he exposes himself and I am not very impressed. As for Stephen Roche, I do not know what has been proven about him. I hold to the axiom “innocent until proven guilty”. It is not at the top of my concerns right now to be honest. Drugs in sports are so problematic that I stopped watching the Olympics for more than 20 years. I still doubt the sprints. I love athletics but prefer not to watch.

My comments on the LLS in 2002 were and are neither famous nor infamous. That is a prejudiced comment displaying your own prejudices. I don’t count and TV programmes hit the ether and disappear. Only sensitive souls that were directly involved remember details. That is clear from Walsh’s catharsis in his book.

I have a peripheral interest in cycling and virtually none when continentals only are involved.

Best regards