AXIS creche in Ballymun – cuts to funding of places by HSE

Hello there and belated Happy New Year.

I am writing to our local deputies and representatives to inform you that on Dec 18th we received notification from the HSE that they would be no longer able to pay for crèche places in Axis from January 2013. On querying this, Axis was praised for its work for families in the area and the reason given was : ‘due to severe financial constraints in the area and process of budgetary cost containment whereby it is necessary to identify savings for 2013’, and that it was not just our service that was being affected.

The HSE up to this date has funded us over many years, through an informal arrangement, for 7 full time places (or 14 part time places) in order that they might place children from families in need of support into the crèche. On asking what would happen to the children in question, in correspondence we were informed that there were other crèche places funded in the immediate area which could be accessed by families subject to availability.

Axis offered all the families in question a month’s notice without additional charge and have been assisting them in trying to find other means to remain in our crèche or to find alternatives if this is not possible.

We were taken aback by the lack of warning of the cessation, particularly in light of the context that these places are being paid for, and are doing all we can to make sure that the families in question get the support that they need but would obviously have concerns if no alternatives can be found. Also it must be noted that in future terms these funded places will not be there to be accessed by those who may need them and this would also be a concern.

This cut will also have effect on our crèche income and we are in the process of trying to restructure same to try to limit any further effects.

I just wanted to keep you informed of the above situation and of what we are doing in relation to families in question.

Yours sincerely,