Cyprus Figures

Cyprus bailout fro eurozone and IMF €10 bn

Cyprus money raising measures€5.8 bn from 9.9% levy on bank accounts
over €100,000 and 6.75% on deposits under €100k  €1.4 bn from bail-in
of junior bondholders and €1.4 bn from privatisation

INcrease withgolding tax on capital income, restructuring and
capitalisation of banks and increase in corporate income tax rate

Value of deposits in Cypriot banks – €68 bn

Value of deposits owned by Cypriots €43 bn

€1.9 bn owned by UK depositors

Cyprus will have a public debt in 2020 of 100% of GDP if bailout is
kept to €10 bn


Junior bonds amonut to €2.5 bn but €0.2 bn of senior unsecured bonds
are being left alone

Amonuts up to €100,000 in EU banks are supposed to be protected up to this!

Russian individuals and corporations have €20 to €25 bn on deposit in
Cyprus – 1/3 of the total