Hallapanavar Inquest in Galway: Some Consequences

From the details published in the newspapers, I agree with the comments of Dr Peter Boylan of Holles Street except I would be less impressed with the clinical effects of paracetamol in acute sepsis of toxic shock syndrome. The comments of many contributors to the abortion debate in the republic are exposed as seriously inadequate by Boylan’s remarks.

Dr McDonald – perinatal psychiatrist at Holles Street was very explicit and interesting on Matt Cooper’s ‘The Last Word’ on Today FM on Monday regarding the co-incidence of suicide and pregnancy. His comments are at odds it seems with those of some psychiatrists who addressed the Oireachtas Health Committee.


Solutions – Immediate:

(1) Referendum to remove abortion from the Irish Constitution.
(2) Legislate for the primacy of maternal health over all other factors.
(3) Properly staff and resource perinatal medicine.


Longer Term:

(4) Allow abortion of certain non-viable syndrome children where the mother requests such intervention up to an agreed gestation where there is predictive genetic information and genetic or phentypic confirmation.

(5) Allow medical terminations up to 9 weeks of gestation for those who want that.