Michael Martin obfuscates (bullshits) again to fool public sector workers

Party Chairman has called on Micheál Martin to explain how he would save €350 million from public pay:
FG Party Chairman, Charlie Flanagan, yesterday called on Micheál Martin to explain exactly how he would save €350 million from public pay, in a ‘fairer’ way than the Government, as he claimed on Marian Finucane over the weekend.

Deputy Flanagan said:

“On RTE’s ‘This Week’ programme, Micheál Martin claimed that his Party would cut the public pay bill substantially, but somehow manage to be ‘fairer’ to public sector workers. He failed to explain how exactly he would do this, and also failed to explain Fianna Fáil’s own assertion that they’d cut the public pay bill by €350 million – as per their pre-budget submission. Is he making this up, or does he actually have concrete figures and plans as to how he would do it, without provoking a general strike?

“It was also interesting to see that Micheál Martin’s cynical posturing on the Local Property Tax has been exposed by his own Party members. This weekend, his own Ard Fhéis sensibly rejected a motion that Fianna Fáil should tear up the proposed model for the tax and switch to a site value model – should they ever return to power. It’s clear that Fianna Fáil members recognise that we need to broaden the tax base, and that a site value tax would see the owners of ten bedroom mansions and two bedroom cottages pay the same, if they both happen to be on the same sized piece of land.”