Note to Peter Matthews TD

Peter, your evasions on the subject of abortion on TV3 with Vincent Browne tonight were sad. Please listen to the perinatal psychiatrists interviewed by Matt Cooper last week before making incomplete judgements on the issue. Medicine is all about the individual case. Good medicine requires constant learning and self questioning.  Published Case Reports in medicine are about learning from the extra-ordinary. Your brother Mark can explain that to you. The Hallapanavar was out-of-the-ordinary and shows that Irish law is currently dangerous for women.

Do you want show trials of doctors who may be forced ethically to do the right thing.

I regret that I failed again to be elected so that I could take you and the gang of X (How Many) on.

This has forced me to return to the fray and try to get elected somewhere. Meanwhile I struggle to stay a little competent among the tsunami of information in medical science and practice. I may have a PhD and an MD but the more I study, the more I am reminded of just how very little I know.

See you Peter, I might turn up on the Southside near my various Alma Maters – Booterstown Convent School, Marian College and UCD.