Bilateral Cochlear Implants for Deafness

A meeting was held on the 15th May to provide parents with an update on the progress being made in relation to Bilateral Cochlear Implants. The HSE is working with Beaumont Hospital to develop a business case that will need to be progressed through the 2014 HSE estimates process.  The issue will be resolved but possibly on a phased basis from 2014 onwards.

The HSE is working closely with Beaumont Hospital to progress plans for both simultaneous and sequential bilateral implantation. The Beaumont Cochlear Implant Team attended a meeting with the British Cochlear Implant Group in March 2013 to determine best practice in relation to introducing a bilateral cochlear implant programme. The HSE has also engaged the services of Professor Gerry O’ Donoghue, University of Nottingham, an international expert on the implementation of cochlear implant programmes who will meet with HSE and Beaumont Hospital representatives on the 10th May 2013 to advise on the best evidence-based approaches and methodologies for implementing such a programme. Following this, it is envisaged that a business plan will be developed to identify the requirements for funding and resources required to provide a sustainable and cohesive service. A framework will be provided that clarifies the prioritisation of children waiting for a sequential implant which will be on a fair and equitable basis. The objective is to have this information available in Q3, so it can be included as part of the business case to be progressed as part of the HSE 2014 estimates process. Once the business case is finalised, an information day will be provided for all parents/caregivers and children who have had, or about to have a cochlear implant.