Advanced radiotherapy treatment targeting brain tumours at Beaumont Hospital

The Minister for Health, Dr. James Reilly T.D., officially launched the new National Stereotactic Radiosurgery Service at the St. Luke’s Radiation Oncology Unit at Beaumont Hospital.  This new service is designed to treat patients with cancerous and benign brain tumours as well as cancers in other parts of the body and is one of the most sophisticated and precise radiotherapy treatments currently available internationally.


Funded by the Friends of St. Luke’s, this new state of the art treatment was developed in partnership with the St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network, the National Cancer Control Programme and the National Neurosurgical Centre at Beaumont Hospital. Its addition will establish the Beaumont facility as the National Centre for Stereotactic Radiosurgery in Ireland.


The new service will further enhance the current stereotactic service in St. Luke’s Hospital, Rathgar.  Up to 100 patients are expected to benefit from the treatment in Beaumont this year, with that number increasing to around 200 annually over the coming years as the service develops.    It will also mean that patients will no longer have to travel abroad for this particular treatment.


Involving an investment of €1m by the Friends of St. Luke’s, the new treatment significantly improves the patient experience.  It is more precise, less intrusive and provides more patient comfort compared with older systems that required immobilisation of the patient’s head in a metal frame.