Cost Reductions in Procurement in Dublin North East

HSE Procurement have supported Integrated Services Directorate (ISD) with processes that seek to achieve best value for money in terms of quality of product, service support and pricing while maintaining an appropriate level of patient and clinical choice on a Health Sector wide basis.


HSE Procurement has made significant progress since the implementation of the National Procurement Model which has been a key enabler in achieving cost reduction, increased efficiencies and the adoption of streamlined standardised procurement processes to avoid duplication of effort.


From a national perspective, cost reductions of €74m were achieved in 2011 with a further cost reduction of €50m achieved in 2012 and a target of €40.08m is set for 2013.   These increased efficiencies were delivered against a backdrop of an 8.3% reduction in staffing levels over the past three years.  A breakdown of savings for the Dublin North East Area is not readily available.