Extract from Gerard Howlin in the Irish Examiner 28 May 2013. NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the nomenklatura

“What the Government is following too is the tradition accumulated through decades of social partnership of a mutually unaccountable cartel of power between government and the senior management of the public service. If pay is being cut across the board, accountability has not in any meaningful way been increased. The public service is not effectively accountable to government, government is certainly not effectively accountable to parliament and our ineffective parliament is about to be emasculated rather than reformed. The proposal to abolish the Seanad is symbolic of the deepest impulse of the Taoiseach to preserve power intact rather than risk it’s dispersal through amendment. But the problem for the Taoiseach is that while he is being true to himself, he is being untrue to the electorate to whom he promised radical change. Yes, he promised abolition of the Seanad, but abolishing the Seanad and leaving power concentrated in an unreformed Dáil and unaccountable public service management is calculated to be just enough change to allow things stay as they are. “