North West Committee of Dublin City Council rejects proposal for Primary Care Centre in Finglas

HSE Statement :

The HSE is very disappointed by and regrets the decision of the North West Committee of Dublin City Council to reject the proposal to dispose of a plot of land at Mellowes Road in Finglas to the HSE for the development of a Primary Care Centre in Finglas.

Finglas has been identified as a high priority location for the development of a Primary Care Centre. It had been proposed to deliver the much needed centre through the current HSE Capital Plan.

Following the review of a number of sites in the area the HSE had identified the site in the ownership of Dublin City Council on Mellowes Road in Finglas as the preferred site for the construction of the proposed new Primary Care Centre for Finglas. The commercial terms for the disposal had been agreed with the officials of Dublin City Council and approved by the HSE.

This site was selected as it is centrally located for the Primary Care Teams catchment area which it is intended to serve; it has very good accessibility; it is well served by bus routes; it is a generous greenfield site and would have no impact on current services during the construction period; it provides future expansion capacity; facilitates the establishment of GP services in this area and provides a synergy with the HSE Day Care Centre on Kildonan Road. In addition, the HSE had ongoing discussions with local GP’s who had expressed significant interest in being a part of this development in this specific location.

Given this decision by DCC it appears that it is no longer possible to proceed with the development of this much needed Primary Care Centre. The HSE remains committed to working with DCC to develop this much needed Primary Care Centre for Finglas, however, this decision will inevitably lead to delays in the delivery of a Primary Care Centre in Finglas.