So You’re fired Fionnan!

Vincent Browne tries to gag our political editor Fionnan Sheahan

Irish Independent political editor Fionnan Sheahan clashes with Vincent Brown on Monday
26 June 2013

IRISH Independent political editor Fionnan Sheahan has been told he will no longer be invited on TV3’s ‘Tonight With Vincent Browne’ after challenging the outspoken host.

It came after Fionnan took on the fiery host at the start of Monday’s show on the Anglo Tapes controversy.

Fionnan pointed out that Mr Browne had shown bias against Independent Newspapers after the presenter persisted in querying how long the Irish Independent had the tapes before deciding to publish them.

The difference of opinion continued after the show went off air and Mr Browne told Fionnan he would do everything to ensure he never appeared on the show again.

“I am enjoying the notoriety of being the only guest to be banned from the ‘Vincent Browne Show’,” said Fionnan last night.

Asked to comment on whether Mr Sheahan was no longer wanted as a guest on his show, Mr Browne replied: “What I want on the programme or don’t want on the programme is irrelevant.”

When asked again whether Mr Sheahan was no longer wanted as a guest, he said: “You will have to talk to the producer about that.”

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