Motor Tax offices workload

The plastic card style driver license came into effect from the 19th January 2013. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) defined new additional procedures in processing applications for these new licenses. This has added considerably to the Motor Tax workload and as a result, backlogs of post have occurred. This in turn is leading to delays for customers seeking tax and driver licenses, increased phone calls and email queries.

In order to improve the time taken to process postal applications, the Motor Tax offices in Clondalkin and Smithfield will close to the public one day per week namely, each Monday (Clondalkin) and Tuesday (Smithfield) commencing July 8th and 9th until further notice. Staff in these offices will concentrate on the back log of postal applications. You will already be aware that the Ballymun Motor Tax office closes each Wednesday since 16th May in order manage its backlog. Staff in all 3 offices will concentrate on processing the backlog of postal applications. Notices will be placed in the local newspapers and at all three Motor Tax offices.

I will keep this matter under review and advise you if any further actions are required.

Yours sincerely,

Kathy Quinn

Head of Finance & ICT