Life close to the Bone. Musings by an orthopaedic surgeon,- James M Sheehan

I was given a signed copy of this magnificant production of 263 pages plus references by Jimmy. This is a man that I put very high in the pantheon of Irish and world physicians. He is a genius – of that there cannot be any doubt. This book reveals his vision and insights into hospital and general medicine to an astonishing degree. He was central to the establishment of the Blackrock Clinic, The Hermitage and the Galway Clinic. His attitudes and driving force incorporate designing his own knee replacement to the centrality of lean management and patient services efficiency in hospitals of about 250 beds in size as an optimum to retain a human scale. Medicine is a lot more than a string of interesting cases.

He is deeply Catholic and that also comes through. Jimmy is a visionary and was often slagged behind closed doors in the past as a privateer. I recognised the true worth of this man thirty five years ago and have often said so publicly.

At least I got that one right!