High Rise Buildings

I agree with this man.

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a member of the public and a geographer with particular interest in urban planning, I wish to express my frustration and dismay at the limiting of the height of buildings in the Dublin Docklands to 60 metres. Dublin is possibly the only capital city in Europe with no buildings of considerable height whatsoever, and I think the proposal should be reconsidered in the interest of the city going forward.
There are many areas of the SDZ that would be perfectly suited for high-rise development. I am not advocating the placing of skyscrapers in an ad-hoc fashion, but rather a cluster in appropriate locations that would enhance the cityscape. Belfast has recognised this and it is disappointing that Dublin, as the premier city on the island, does not have any of the island’s tallest buildings. There is a huge amount of potential development in the Docklands, therefore it should saved for proper, modern and viable high-rise buildings that would eventually create a high-rise district. This would break the monotony of the rather uninspiring boxy office blocks being built along the Liffey. The height restriction will also result in the further expansion of Dublin’s suburbs, with inevitable negative consequences in terms of the environment and commuting. This is an unfortunate oversight and such a massively wasted opportunity. I also believe that the council is not in a position to dictate as to whether high-rise buildings are economical or not, as it is the market that will ultimately decide this. Although the commercial situation would not allow for such developments at present, the opportunity to build them in the future has been damaged by this short-sighted policy decision. In addition, the decision to proceed with this proposal despite the number of objections regarding the height restrictions is undemocratic and goes against the ethos of local government. While I support the purpose of the SDZ overall, I hope the proposal regarding height restriction will be reconsidered.

Yours sincerely,