Dog Pound and animal euthanasia – A need for a relook

Olivia Hood,
The Old Farmhouse,Naul Hill, Naul, Co. Dublin

Dear Councillor Bill Tormey,

I am writing to you to express my grave concerns at the recent and unexpected decision by South Dublin County Council to send all stray and surrendered dogs to Ashton Pound rather than Dunboyne Pound starting from Thursday 1st August.

I am one of nearly 22,000 supporters of the volunteer-run organisation A Dog’s Life and we are extremely concerned at this development, of which we were not notified.

This move could result in the deaths of hundreds of healthy dogs each year and deny our charity and others the opportunity to provide them with a second chance of life.

The new arrangement will see roughly 1,200 dogs a year from SDCC sent to Ashton Pound from Wednesday July 31st. A Dog’s Life had an arrangement with Dunboyne Pound that saw the charity rehome 70% of dogs given to that facility. No such arrangement exists with Ashton Pound.

We believe that the welfare of the dogs has been ignored in favour of what appears to be a money-saving exercise that will deny animals the opportunity of being re-homed.

We simply can’t see how Ashton will be able to deal with an additional 1,200 dogs annually. This will inevitably lead to more and more dogs being put down.

We are very upset that it has come to this after working extremely successfully with Dunboyne, one of the largest pounds in the country for more than seven years and building very good relationships with both pound staff and the dog wardens.

Our arrangement with Dunboyne Pound saw us save the lives of hundreds of dogs each year. Since we started work with the pound in 2006 the percentage of dogs put to sleep has fallen from 24% in 2005 to just 4.5%, with more than 5,500 dogs being rescued since 2006.

I call on South Dublin County Council to reverse this decision and put the welfare of animals first by continuing its relationship with Dunboyne Pound.

Yours sincerely,

Olivia Hood

29th of July 2013