Hospital ignores the question on the breech of governance rules

Hospital ignores the question on the breech of governance rules by the CEO and his executive and ignores the information which has been provided that the State Laboratory cannot provide a comprehensive service. Board of Beaumont hospital and Departments of Health and Justice please note and take action. A hospital executive cannot break governance rules with impunity. The members must be called to account.


“Could the Chief Executive of Beaumont Hospital explain why he broke governance rules in the manner in which he dealt with Coroners work in Toxicology?”

Cllr. Bill Tormey


As part of a process for managing Beaumont Hospital’s financial challenges, the Senior Executive of the Hospital directed a review be conducted of all laboratory testing undertaken by the Hospital for external third parties. The Executive directed that in all cases where the hospital does such activity for any third party, it must be properly recompensed for these services.

The historical arrangement whereby the Hospital’s Chemical Pathology Department provided toxicology sample screening for various Coroners without being recompensed is simply one of these arrangements which it was necessary to rectify as part of the overall budgetary management within the hospital.

The Hospital had discussions with the State Laboratory and Dublin City Coroner. The State Laboratory is in a position to provide the service and is funded to do so.

The State Laboratory has agreed to undertake the work and has notified all Coroners of this. This service commenced on March 1st 2013 and the Coroner’s are happy with this proposal and Beaumont has ceased to incur costs in providing this service.

Leo Kinsella,

RDO – Dublin North East,

Health Service Executive.