Ballygall Flood Trap – Meeting with residents on August 8th at Griffth Community Centre

Dear Charlie/ Hugh/Brian

This evening residents in Fairways and Ballygall invited us to attend a meeting to discuss the timing of the proposed swale.

At this meeting we agreed to take the following action and to pursue a number of requests. I have been asked by Cllr Redmond and Tormey to pass on these requests on behalf of the three of us.

As the Part 8 process is a reserved function we ask that you take all steps necessary to ensure the Part 8 is on the September City Council agenda. If this requires an emergency Area Committee meeting we are happy for that to be scheduled.

It is the residents preference that work take place during the dry weather in September, however they accept that should that not be possible a start date and confirmation of any awarded contracts be sent to them, in order to provide assurances that the project will go ahead.

To support residents in the intervening eight months, we ask that Dublin City Council consider the following points which would form part of a local flood plan.

Regular inspection and where necessary blast cleaning of gullies.

A link be established between the after hours emergency line and a local response capable of arriving in good time.

A Garda commitment to block road in the event of a flood

To identify the small number of homes ( between 5 and 6) without a flood gate to see if gates can be provided.

Full gully maintenance report circulated to residents

Commitment by Dublin City Fire Brigade to pump water if it doesn’t naturally clear in 45 mins and poses a treat to homes.

Removal of old sand bags where required.

If you can work with Cllrs to convene an emergency area committee meeting these points can be discussed in full along with the Part 8. If the Part 8 can be forwarded without the need for an area meeting, we are happy to discuss these items at the September Area Meeting.

Kind Regards

Cllr Paul McAuliffe