Ballygall Flooding in Finglas – Brian Byrne pucks out!

Dear Councillor,

I have spoken to Ken Hand Senior Executive Engineer in Drainage Division about the commencement date of works on the proposed swale at Ballygall Crescent. Ken has indicated that work on the swale is expected to start in the Spring of 2014 subject to funding being available. The construction of a swale should ideally be carried out in the growing season as there will be an amount of deep excavation to be done on the open space and surrounding area. This is why the preferred start date is Spring of 2014.

The Part 8 is scheduled to go to the September North West Area Committee meeting and October City Council. The fast tracking of the Part 8 to the September City Council (without being tabled on the North West Area Committee Agenda as is the norm) will not shorten the lead in time to the anticipated start date for the project. A detailed design, Health and Safety Plan, Method Statement and Procurement Process also have to be undertaken for the works.

Currently if there is extremely heavy rain either myself or Jackie O Reilly go to the known black spots in the Finglas Area which are prone to flooding.

However on the 23rd of July the flooding was very localised Jackie was on leave and I was not aware of the problem in Ballygall Crescent.

On Wednesday the 24th of July I called to Ballygall Crescent during the down pour and drainage responded within half an hour of my call.

Pending the commencement of works on the swale, regular inspections of the Road Gullies at Ballygall Crescent and Ballygall Parade can be arranged with Drainage Division by the local area office. A gully cleaning report is circulated to the members in the Area Report every 3 months and a copy of this report can be forwarded to the residents.

My understanding is the residents have been provided with a mobile phone number to contact in case of emergency.

If a resident contacts the area office, arrangements will be made to collect old sand bags etc.

As previously communicated DCC will not be providing floodgates to residents.

We will also arrange to keep a limited supply of sandbags in the Finglas area office.

All 999 calls are routed through the emergency control room and Dublin Fire brigade and the appropriate emergency service deployed as required.

The Area Housing Manager, Public Domain Officer a rep from Drainage Division and Community Garda can meet with a contact person for the residents to discuss a local response plan that can be activated in the event of flash flooding.

Brian Byrne