with Willie Bermingham Jr at City Hall

August 2013 058

I voted for Willie Bermingham number 1 and Kay Mills number 2 as I promised.

My old pal the late Helen Devlin from Gortbeg in Finglas brought me to see her mother in one of the Alone houses opposite the Mater hospital down from Mountjoy. From then on I understood Willie Bemingham and his mission for the forgotten in Dublin City.

At the end of the meeting at DCC, I suggested that we name a local area after the four remaining people after the bridge vote. These were Willie Bermingham, Frank Duff of the Legion of Mary, Kay Mills of Camogie Ireland, and Bram Stoker of Dracula. I have spoken to some of my friends at DCC including Christy Burke, Vincent Jackson and Mannix to see if we can agree on the next move. There is a groundswell to rename Tara St Fire Station after Willie Bermingham.

The vote was

80 Frank Duff
92 Bram Stoker
167 Willie Bermiongham
176 Kay Mills
192 Rosie Hackett