Ballymun Shopping Centre

Motion in the name of Councillor Bill Tormey

That the Manager gives an update on the Shopping Centre site in Ballymun and on the street north of the Shopping Centre on the west side.



The following reply has been received from Ballymun Regeneration Ltd:

Following Ballymun Regeneration Limited’s (BRL) presentation to the NWAC (21st June 2013) on the future of the shopping centre, BRL are progressing the sale of the northern shopping centre site. BRL are working in consultation with the property agents to market the site and our solicitors to prepare the tender documents. Once all the necessary documents are in place the site will be advertised. This process and timeframe will be subject to and bound by public tender regulations.


With respect to the shopping centre the urgent and required remedial works to keep the shopping centre open are being processed in line with the agreement between NAMA, Price Waterhouse Copper (PWC), Dublin City Council (DCC) and BRL and the revenue sharing arrangement (i.e. 47% DCC and 53% Ballymun Development Limited (now in receivership)).