Primary Care Centre in Finglas

The question is a failed atempt to establish the degree of investigation of sites in Finglas Village for this facility.

Motion in the name of Councillor Bill Tormey

That this Committee discuss the steps taken by the H.S.E. officials in determining that the Finglas West/Mellowes Road/Kildonan Road was the best site for the Primary Health Care Centre.



It is not customary for Dublin City Council’s Development Department or the Area Offices to inform Area Councillors or to engage in public consultation in relation to the process involved following an approach from a party interested in acquiring City Council property.


That process, assuming the Council’s willingness to engage, involves negotiations between the Chief Valuer’s Office and the prospective purchaser to see if terms and conditions for the disposal can be agreed.


If the negotiations prove successful a recommendation is then made to the Area Committee and if endorsed, the proposed disposal is submitted to the City Council for approval by way of a Section 183 report (Local Government Act 2001).


Officials from the Central and North West  Area did attend meetings with the H.S.E.before the disposal referred to in the motion was submitted to the Area Committee  but the meetings were the subject of a number of sites that the H.S.E. were interested in acquiring and not just the site on Mellowes Avenue/Kildonan Road, which was owned by the H.S.E. for a number of years before being transferred back to Dublin City Council.