Fine Gael

Overall Fine Gael is doing a good job in government in my opinion. Over a year ago, I told Marc Coleman that it is necessary to wait until the Spring/Summer of 2013 to see the direction and the results. The country is still in the mire but there is evidence that the policy of steady as she goes is working slowly.

I am unhappy with many details but if I was in there myself, I would not be very different as regards the FG portfolios (except in health where I would make many different decisions but I’m not going to detail the reasons because James Reilly won the election and I was hammered.

However, I have no doubt that I would do things better and differently.

Hint – less administration, more co-operation, more medical and nurses voices, better hospital governance, less infections, (Oh! and Jimmy Sheehan would be on board), bin the consultant contract as against the public interest, TV in hospitals, licenced medical facilities and public institutions which would force change quickly, respect for GPs and primary care, and reallocation of the army of managers in the HSE.

In Dublin, the Mater must be split from Vincents and linked to Beaumont and Connolly. Connolly should be developed as a major Biomedical Campus and linked to all medical schools. Connolly should be a major A&E hospital on the M50 and Beaumont should be mainly elective which would massively increase efficiency.

The new IT system for hospitals should be country wide and PPS numbers should replace hospital numbers unless patients choose to opt out to safeguard confidentiality. Money should follow the patient when the IT system is live and only then.

I could go on and on and on.