Sleeping Rough

Contact us if you see a person who is sleeping rough – public awareness campaign to begin next Monday 23rd September 2013

Help a person who is rough sleeping is a public awareness campaign that will allow members of the public to contact the Regional Contact and Outreach Team (RCOS) and the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) if they are concerned about a person who is rough sleeping. People often feel unsure about what to do or who to tell when they see a person who is rough sleeping. We hope this will enable them assist person, whilst providing us with the necessary information to quickly find people who are rough sleeping.

All reports can be made through

The RCOS can then engage with the person with the specific goal of moving them into accommodation. It is important to recognise that people who are rough sleeping may choose not to engage with services. The longer a person sleeps rough, the greater the risk that they will become trapped on the streets and become vulnerable, whilst experiencing problems with addiction and their health. People who are rough sleeping may not be known to services, as some prefer to remain out of sight and are bedded down at different times and move from place to place. It is critical that people who are rough sleeping are actively encouraged to access homeless services.

This service will be operated by the RCOS and the DRHE. Our goal is to move people into temporary accommodation and onto independent living.