Mediation on Northside

I am writing to you as manager of Mediation Northside (MN) which was established by the Northside Community Law Centre in 2004, to address the need for an alternative dispute resolution process at community level. MN aims to deal positively with conflict within the community and to promote greater social cohesion and inclusion by training community members in mediation skills and in delivering a conflict resolution service to the community.

Mediation Northside is a self funded service which provides a variety of free mediation and dispute resolution services to the community including conflict coaching, parental mediation, elder mediation, community mediation, workplace mediation and family mediation.  We are also  part of the Court’s initiative pilot project since 2010, meditating with boundary disputes, neighbourhood and inter family conflicts.

Mediation Northside information

Mission Statement

Mediation Northside provides an accessible dispute resolution and mediation service for the

local Community. We recruit; train and support volunteer community mediators and empower

community members and groups to resolve conflict at the earliest possible point in a dispute.


Our vision is to be a driver in empowering people to live and work together in a safe and

inclusive environment through mediation and training and to be a centre of expertise in

community-based mediation, alternative approaches to dispute and conflict resolution, and

related training.

 Services Provided by Mediation Northside

Mediation Northside offers a free dispute resolution services to those living within the

Community experiencing:

  • Neighborhood Disputes and Nuisance
  • Issues related to custody, access and maintenance of children
  • Grandparent visitation mediation
  • Parental mediation, communication / guardianship / custody / working out ways to separate for the interest of the children/living arrangements
  • Debt Mediation
  • Restorative Justice
  • Elder Mediation care plans for family, communication,
  • Conflict coaching
  • Sibling’s conflict
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Landlord/tenant complaints/disagreements
  • Courts project
  • MN support Mediation projects
  • Childs voice in mediation
  • MN delivers Mediation Training

 We continued to train our volunteer community mediators and community employment staff to provide a community mediation service. The service provided is an independent alternative dispute resolution process for local individuals, groups and organisations from vulnerable areas, in a safe and balanced neutral environment.  The economic climate presents very real challenges to the organization. We are fortunate that our model of volunteering is working well. This allows us to provide the service within the community where more than ever these services are needed. We have seen an increase in neighborhood/parental/workplace/elder and family disputes. Many of these are a direct result of the change in people’s financial circumstances and so our expectation is demand is likely to continue to increase.

Mediation, as a dispute resolution option is known worldwide to be cost effective. It is therefore essential that the service continues to work in the community, empowering people to change how they live and work together in a more harmonious and peaceful way.

A community Mediation Service creates an understanding and awareness of the complexities and problems that can present and can prioritise the intervention that will lead to a successful outcome for clients. This has led to a holistic and collaborative approach being adopted especially with our initial meeting with clients as this is crucial to the service.

The Mediation process encourages bringing two or more disputing parties together and having them mutually negotiate a solution to their disagreement. The mediators empower the clients to make sure that communication flows freely between the disputing parties.

Structure of Mediation Northside

Mediation Northside currently has one full time employee(Manager) plus one part time  who is the Coordinator .All reports to the board of director, Administrative support is provided with the assistance of 4 part-time Community Employment staff and accounts and payroll administration are provided by the Law Centre. The cost of on-going education and supervision of trainees and volunteers will be met by Mediation Northside.

Mediation Training

Mediation Northside now have a total of 250 volunteers.  All volunteer mediators are trained in Community Mediation Basic Skills course.

  • Our volunteers are at present training towards attaining practitioner level.
  •  All qualifications  to Mediation Institute of Ireland standards.

Training Service Delivery Model

The model ensures that there is a continuous group of trainees and volunteers to maintain the service in a cost effective manner.

In fact, many of the qualified mediators continue to mediate for the service on a voluntary basis

long after they qualify.


Mediation Northside provides a co-mediation service. This means that two mediators are

present at each mediation session. This approach is designed to promote fairness and

addresses any perceived biases by the parties being mediated. For example, in family

mediation, every attempt is made to ensure that there is a male and female mediator present to

ensure that neither party feels that their viewpoint will not be heard fully.

Types of Mediation & Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

 Conflict Coaching is a structured process that helps people on a one to one basis, to develop or

enhance their skills, knowledge and competencies, to effectively engage in and manage

interpersonal conflict. Conflict Coaching is also effective in helping the client to prepare for

difficult conversations with others or in assisting them prior to their engagement in mediation or

negotiations. Conflict Coaching is not therapy or counseling, is a process which focuses on

each individual’s conflict management goals.

Family Mediation

Family Mediation helps people to work through problems and to look for their own solutions to

their disputes, such as – disagreements over the care for elderly or disputes between a parent

and child, grandparents contact with grandchildren, siblings, homelessness caused by family

arguments, etc.

Community Mediation

Community Mediation focuses on disputes between people within a community over issues

such as noise, invasion of privacy, litter, boundaries, barking dogs, etc. and empowers people to

take control of their lives, by resolving disputes themselves and within their communities.

Mediation offers people an alternative to the legal system in resolving disputes, which is often

more affordable, more effective and more accessible then the legal system. Mediation Service

will enable individuals and groups to improve their skills in communicating and negotiating with

each other, by improving the quality of their lives and reducing the risk of relationship

breakdown between family members and between neighbors.

Parental Mediation

Mediation offers a professional and confidential service for couple’s married/non-married, who

has decided to separate and who together wants to negotiate the terms of their parental issues

(access/ maintenances/guardianship/custody/communication). Parental mediation will help

couples to communicate and to address the issues on which they need to make decisions

including – property, parenting plans, financial support, living arrangements and access to

children. By looking at these issues, couples will reach an agreement that meets their interests

and needs and the interests and needs of their children.

Elder mediation

 Elder Mediation helps seniors and their adult children resolve conflicts around issues such

as living arrangements, caregiving, financial planning, inheritance/estate disputes, medical

decisions, family communication, driving, and guardianship.

The majority of referrals received by Mediation Northside come from, Northside Community Law Centre, the Gardaí, , community & voluntary organisations, the courts

and Dublin City Council. Referrals can also come directly from a party involved in a dispute and may be made by post, or via the telephone or e-mail.

Feel free to pass on the information or make referrals to the service,  if you require any further information please don’t hesitate to call 01-8482988

Thank you for your time and consideration

Kindest regards

Valerie Gaughran