Fintan O’Toole, The Rise, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

This man is a brilliant polemicist. Nothing more. If he wants to run the country, get on with it and seek election. Mr O’Toole, lets assume that the government took your advise and rejected the ECB and Geitner’s instructions to pay the bondholders.

How big would the cuts have been then. Can you even begin to imagine the misery? Just by the way,  where is the austerity when the state is still spending a deficit of €11 billion in 2014? In in the Drimnagh of your youth, the word tulip has a certain provenance.

It is boring to read him because trots out the same whine. I can’t stand whingers.  I know – dont read him and I usually do just that. But when the title states that he is writing for the New York Times I take a look see.

Just because I have a fair idea what his general snide vision will be. And he never disappoints.

Imagine Fintan as a positive force for empowerment of the people. He would be brilliant but woulld have to undergo a spychological transformation. Fintan has a major chip on his shoulders. His background resentments exposed in various essays are explanatory.

Well Fintan, this is my country too. Remember the Paddy Whackery of the New York Times last month? Pity about the double whammy but then again, you can’t believe what you can read in the papers.

I am not fit to wear the green jersey because I am not good enough. Thats makes two of us Fintan.

C’mon Ireland – heave