Homeless in Dublin

The present snapshot in the greater Dublin areas is that the number of people rough sleeping in the official count last November has increased by 50% (139).

Last Thursday 23rd our street count observed that there were still 57 people sleeping rough in the City Centre even with the additional  capacity in place through the CWI (Cold Weather Initiative).

We have presently over 1,600 people and families on any one night in Dublin in emergency accommodation, most there for some years now. With nearly 1,000 in Private Emergency and well over 500 in emergency accommodation provided by NGO’s.

The Placement Unit advices that there are more than 5 presentations daily with 2 possible move on’s also daily.

We are living in an environment where the housing shortage in the social or rented housing markets is increasing, Rent Supplement / Rent Allowances are decreasing and rents in the private rented market are increasingly rapidly.

What can be done?

The Big Ask No.1, No. 2, No.3 is,


  1. Build Housing
  2. Build Housing
  3. Build Housing
  4. We have serious Primary Care Health issues for people left in poor emergency accommodation for too long.
  5. We must ensure that people at risk are secured in their present homes by increasing the Prevention, Tenancy and Visiting Support effort.
  6. It is essential to have a stable budget to ensure the concentration is on Service delivery execution and not NGO survival during these very uncertain times, preference covering a 3 year cycle.