Roadside Trees in Shanliss in Santry

In view of the recent spell of extreme weather I would like to raise the matter of the trees in the Greenfield Park estate in Santry. The trees are in excess of 50 years old. My laymans observations of the trees are that

1.They are too big,

2.There are too many.

3. They are causing severe damage to pavements.

4. They are leaning to one side in many cases due to one sided pruning.

5. They are intertwined with power and communications cables.

6. For most of the year they are an eyesore.

7. Falling branches, leaves and seeds are a nuisance.

8. They are obstructing the view of the road when exiting driveways. I could go on.

I would like you to enquire with the relevant dept. if there is any plan to manage the trees and if there is any concern about possible damage or injuries in future stormy conditions.