Miriam Lord ends thus! on Shatterday

The statements continued on. Then it was time for questions. Alan Shatter was there to take them for the full half-hour allotted. It was a farce. A few questions. Fewer answers. And most telling of all, when asked if he agreed with the Garda Commissioner’s assertion that whistleblowers are “disgusting”, the most diligent Minister in Cabinet said he didn’t read those highly publicised controversial remarks made by the commissioner to a Dáil committee. So he couldn’t comment.

His parting short was to criticise whistleblower Maurice McCabe for taping a conversation with a senior officer. But if Sgt McCabe had not, he wouldn’t have been able to disprove Shatter’s statement that he disobeyed a direct Garda order to co-operate with an inquiry. And Alan Shatter wouldn’t have had to obliquely blame the gardaí for leading him to “misunderstand” what actually happened.

Not that he apologised to McCabe for that misunderstanding. But he’s out the gap for the moment, and that’s all that matters.