Ballymun Kickhams apply pressure.

Dear Local Election candidates,


Ballymun Kickhams are currently studying the feasibility of a massive project which we feel will bring immense rewards to the community of Ballymun. We are looking to build a new home close to the heart of Ballymun. As you may be aware our home ground is currently up beside the airport and this hampers our main focus of getting children involved in the club. We are currently looking at land nearer Ballymun and have been in talks with Dublin City council about the land on the Ballymun Road, opposite the Topaz garage, known locally as the seven pitches. Our new home will not just be some pitches and a clubhouse, but a state of the art centre of excellence which will benefit the whole community young and old. We are looking to see if all candidates will sign the below pre-election pledge to help Ballymun Kickhams. This pledge has been sent to our members and we have asked them to be aware of the local elections and to discuss the project with all candidates they meet out canvassing.


Next week we hope to link our facebook page with those who have signed the pledge to allow our members see who is supporting the club. Our members come from mostly Ballymun, Ballygall, Finglas so we will have votes in both Ballymun and Finglas / Cabra.


I look forward to hearing from you and would be obliged if you confirm your support or otherwise to me by e mail.



“As a candidate in forthcoming local elections, I pledge to support the disposal of the ‘seven pitches’ site to Ballymun Kickhams CLG and to support any change in zoning which is required to facilitate a new home for the club and a great community facility for Ballymun.”








Dear Mr McMahon,
This issue was discussed at the last Northwest Area Committee before Easter. The area management staff stated that there was insufficient space to give two contiguous full sized GAA pitches to the Ballymun KIckhams Club within Ballymun estate. Any proposal such as yours will require a special meeting of the councillors, staff and the club to discuss the details and initiate any agreement.
To date, I am unaware of any public representative opposing or blocking the change of site of the KIckhams club. However, pledging to support a proposition which has not been discussed in detail with all  interested parties and with the Planning Department of the City Council is unlikely to result in honesty of intention especially as disingenuity is the order of the day during elections. Economy with the truth a an unfortunate failing of many politicians as Robert Armstrong famously opined. Do you think that those signatories of the above pledge will deliver what may not be in their power to deliver?  Rezoning of land is a fraught business and is taken very seriously at the City Council.
In this vicinity of Dublin, we are lucky to have an outstanding GAA infrastructure with Ballymun Kickhams, Na Fianna, Setanta, Whitehall Colmcille and Erin’s Isle. I have to declare an interest.  My family is associated with Na Fianna and I am grateful for what the club did for my children and I have supported Setanta in delivering hurling to the kids in Ballymun.
In the political sphere, personally, I have fought to preserve the pitch in Hampstead Park for GAA and also to get a small sided pitch for Erin’s Isle in Tolka Valley. The obligation to be fair to everyone is important.
If elected I will meet the club officers, Council officials, TDs and other representatives to agree the best way forward for Ballymun Kickhams. I can make that pledge but anything else would be a deviation from the truth. I don’t do that even to trick people for votes. Integrity is important to me.
Best Regards
Bill Tormey