Irish Water – Charges and Blancmange (Press Release)

Dear Councillor,

Yesterday, Irish Water welcomed the Government’s announcement regarding water charges and allowances.  There is a critical need to invest in Ireland’s water infrastructure to bring it up to the standards needed for a modern country. Water charges provide an essential part of the investment required.

We also welcome the Government’s announcement of €200m in additional funding for capital projects for 2015 and 2016, which brings total capital investment to over €1.1bn between now and 2016.  This will allow us to ensure better water quality, reduce leaks and accelerate metering.

We have attached yesterday’s Government press release.  Highlights include:

  • The average household charge will be around €240 until the end of 2016, with no fixed standing charge.
  • Water usage for children under 18 will be effectively free.
  • Every household will receive a free allowance of 30,000 litres of water (and a corresponding allowance for waste water) per year.
  • Average charges will be similar whether you have a meter or not.  No one is disadvantaged by the timing of meter installation – the assessed charge will be closely aligned to metered usage and a rebate scheme will be in place.
  • Households with meters installed will pay for actual usage.
  • Other households will pay an assessed charge approximating actual usage, based primarily on the number of adults in the home.
  • The pace and extent of meter installation will be increased.
  • Free first fix policy – householders who have leaks on their property will have access to this scheme, reducing their water charges and helping with conservation.


Together with the regulator, Irish Water will provide public information and consult with the public on the operational details.  As these details become available, they will be published on the Irish Water website for all at or householders can contact us at 1890 278 278  (this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).


For your further information, please see the attached Press Release and Frequently Asked Questions from the Department of Environment Community and Local Government, as well as a related Statement from the Department of Social Protection in relation to Water Charges, also issued yesterday.


If you are looking for further information, or have a specific question for Irish Water, please feel free to respond using this email address . As the operational details contained in today’s announcement become available we will continue to use this channel to provide you with the information in as timely a manner as possible.


Yours sincerely,