Aggro in hospitals and medical care

I have seen lots of interpersonal aggro amungst medics in hospitals over my career. It impacts on patient care and is to be avoided. It is sadly very believeable that there is no “three wise men” arrangement in our hospitals to head off, contain problems and resolve problems.

I have been at the receiving end of some very poor decision making in hospitals in this regard. Standing for what is right has its downsides.

The 2008 command and control consultants contract must be binned. CEOs have too much unaccountable power in hospitals and are usually subject to weak management boards. The gagging clauses are effective as it is obvious that many doctors are scared to intervene for fear of sanction. There are enough Quisling Medics to satisfy the administrators’ wishes.

Secrecy and gagging are inimical to professionalism.

The public pay for this stuff in settled court cases with gagging clauses which mean that lots happen under the radar.

I will write another book on all this when I can make time.