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TV3 on the three pillars of the southern state- Fianna Fail, GAA and the Catholic Church

On Tuesday night on “Tonight with Vincent Browne” on TV3, Ger Colleran as a substitute for Vincent Browne had a panel of Ger Loughnane, former Clare Hurling manager and primary school teacher, Bishop Dr Willie Walsh Bishop of Killaloe, Mike Cronin of Boston College, John McGuinness of Fianna Fail to discuss the three pillars of the Irish Free State – The Catholic Church, Fianna Fail and the GAA.
The opinions expressed and the prejudices revealed showed just how
presumptuous that idea of triumvirate was.

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Ronan Mullen is wronged by Senate Select Committee report

The letter below which I received from Senator Ronan Mullen is very
disturbing because if it is so clearly damaging and misleading. Please read it and you will be in disbelief that such a Select Committee could be so incompetent in their communications. This man is an Independent Senator and does not have a Party Press Office to bat for him. The least I can do is support the truth and this man is honourable. I am very very liberal in comparison to him but I respect him. I am NOT a fan of the Socialist Workers Party AKA whatever.

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Fintan O’Toole demolishes Brian Lenihan jnr on Anglo

A question on Anglo that will not go away

It is terrifying to think that Brian Lenihan’s justifications of the bank
guarantee are factually incorrect, writes FINTAN O’TOOLE

A FORTNIGHT ago, I asked a simple question of the Government: “How much
money for Anglo [Irish Bank] is too much?” Whatever view one takes of the
Government’s banking strategy, this is surely a reasonable question. The
wisdom of any financial transaction obviously depends on the price. Buying
a loaf of bread may make sense if the price is €2. It can’t make sense if
the price is €10.

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Kevin Myers

Some people can’t stand Kevin Myers because he has written some blimpish
essays in the Daily Telegraph and also in times past in the Irish Times
where he brilliantly wrote an Irishman’s Diary. Now he resides in the Irish
Independent and has continued his campaign to include the British-Irish and the old real history in the real tales of modern Irish history.

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Dublin City Development

As a City Councillor – Bill Tormey is a Developer. I want to encourage
industry, service jobs, educational excellence and environmental harmony
mixed with enough people to create the demand for high quality sustainable
living and working within our city which is the engine of this island.

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HSE Forum, Dublin North East

Thank you to councillors who approved my re-election to the chairmanship of the Forum for the coming year. As indicted, we will concentrate on Lourdes
Hospital Drogheda and its relationship with primary care and other
institutions in the catchment area. WE will also look at the proposed
solutions to the A&E problems at Mater, Beaumont and Connolly in Dublin.

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Haiti – IMF cancels €207 million debt

Political Star of the Week – Strauss-Kahn

This is a plan for reconstruction and should aid social cohesion there.
There are 1.6 million homeless after the earthquake 7+ on Richter scale.
300,000 killed on 12 January. Another $60 million is being lent by the IMF at zero interest until 2012 and then at <0.5%. This is a 3 year loan.

I say fair does to Dominique Strauss-Kahn who is CEO of IMF

Jamestown Road Residents Anger at Smart Recycling Plant

On 23 July a meeting of residents in the environs of Jamestown Road was held in the Willow Pub on Sycamore Road, Finglas.

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British armaments industry exported £7 billion value in 2009 which is 20% of the global market. The UK is number 2 behind the US.
Saudi Arabia is the top destination importing £36.7 billion of weaponry over the past 9 years.

The leading sales are the Tornado and Eurofighter Typhoon jets.
The UK security sector had exports of £1.4 billion in 2009 up 14% on 2008.

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Dublin Mayor Bill

DRA delegation meeting with Meeting with Minister Gormley – Summary Report

Comments of Minister Gormley

Minister Gormley stated that the Dublin Mayor and Regional Authority Bill
will go before the Cabinet on Tuesday 20/7/10 and will be published

He commented that the DEM (Directly Elected Mayor) has the potential to be good for Dublin City and he stated that the main purpose of the DEM is to empower an individual to manage certain issues in the Dublin region and it is important that the legislation for this is right. In this regard, the views of councillors to this proposal are important especially on issues such as structure, etc. He wanted to have constructive engagement, especially with the DRA, and stated that any good ideas brought forward will be taken on board.

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