Diabetes management and Prescription drug volume monitoring

Councillor Robbie Gallagher asked the following questions:-

Can the HSE give an overview of where it currently stands with regard to
its planning for a disease management programme in the area of diabetes?
Cllr. Robbie Gallagher

Prof Richard Firth has just been appointed as Clinical Lead of the National Diabetes Programme in the National Directorate of Quality & Clinical Care under Dr. Barry White. The National Diabetes Programme is beginning its work under the following prioritised headings:

  1. National Diabetes Retinopathy Screening Programme.
  2. National Diabetes Register.
  3. Implementation of Foot Care Initiatives to reduce A&E and hospital admissions with foot problems.
  4. Implementation of an Integrated Care System for Diabetes in HSE Areas to achieve better outcomes for people with diabetes.
  5. Strategies to improve diabetes control and risk reductions to prevent diabetic complications (e.g. to rationalise Insulin Pump Therapy particularly in young children).

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