Bus Priority Scheme on College Green.

Introduced on 27th July 2009; it was suspended for Christmas as a result of intensive lobbying from City Centre traders who considered it a significant factor in the downturn in businesses. Evening and Saturday business had gone down and there were noticeably fewer tourists. Declines in business were said to be 5% to 26% in Quarter 1 (Jan to March), 7% to 23% in Q2, August 10% to 29% and September 10% to 25%. The high cost of car parking was held to be a major impediment to customers with free parking in suburban centres. Busgate reduced car traffic by 23%. There was a big increase in cycling (up 25% to 60%). Pedestrian traffic was down -4.4% to -7.7% in evening and morning peaks but increased by +6% in the peak retail period. Bus numbers declined in line with Dublin Bus’s fleet reduction. The travel times by buses reduced by 3 to 14 minutes per bus through that bottleneck at different times of the day.
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