Lucyloo and Enda – Bill says COOL IT

The PJ Mara School of Irish Politics dictates

Una duce Una voce
No More Nibbling at my leader’s bum.

But Il Duce should realise (and did) that

Sometimes it pays to listen to the message even if you dismiss the

Keep in mind the cult of the leader. In Catholic countries the cult of the
leader lead to fascism in the 20th century. Franco – Spain, Mussolini –
Italy, Hitler – Germany and Ustashe leader Pavelic in Croatia. Then is
Protestant and Orthodox countries the cult of the leader was obvious during
communism – Russia from Lenin onwards, East Germany – Honecker,Kadar in Hungary, Ceausescu in Romania, Novotny in Czechoslovakia. Catholic Poland had Gomulka. Greece had the Colonels.  

In other words, democracy is a precious flower under threat always from
centres of power.

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