Prostitution – A plea for sanity.

There are three views on prostitution. One variation covers – Ban it, make
it a criminal offense, – criminalise the users and providers, jail them – A second view is indifferent – not bothered what happens, not involved, no interest and a third view , which I endorse is that it is no business of others what arrangements adults make in private regarding the uses of their sexual organs. If the matter is commercial, then there is the issue of VAT, income tax and regulation. The rights of sex workers should be respected. As far as I am concerned, these people are still people and are not “low life”, “filth”, “fallen women”, “harlots” etc. The women are somebody’s wife, sister, daughter or pal. It is a choice which in many cases seems the easiest way to make money for the desperate or relatively easy money for those either underpaid and struggling or the merely greedy.

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