Efficiency gains from smaller hospitals

Dr John Barton is a very honourable man. He is inquisitive, rational, well-read and incisive. The debunking of myth is a most important activity in medicine. Since the deaths of Dr Petr Skrabanek and Professor James McCormick of the Community Health Department at Trinity College Dublin, there are no systematic iconoclasts in Irish Medicine. John to some extent fills some of that gap. He is the most knowledgible person in Fine Gael on health service systems and has taken a keen interest in the subject for some time. I have also taken an interest in this subject for some time. The letter he wrote to the Irish Examiner (Friday 30th April)is to his usual high standard. It helps to address some of the fallacies associated with large Irish hospitals and Health Service Executive policy towards them. As long as lean studies are not carried out on the administrative superstructures in Irish Hospitals, the overstaffing of middle management will remain endemic and probably worsen. Managers managing managers managing other line managers , all with secretaries! Anyway, Dr Barton’s letter follows and is self explanatory.


Hospitals policy the legacy of a failed political system.
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